Chicago family photography | new babies

People often ask me if I do family photographs when capturing newborns… the answer is YES!  I adore including the whole family in the newborn session.  They are my favorite to capture!  Siblings can be the most fun to work with, as they are willing (and sometimes unwilling) to share their new baby with me!  It’s always a joy to see them interact with the new baby, and show them off.

If you have a new baby, or are expecting a new baby, and would love to capture your new addition to the family please use the “contact me” button above to reach out to me and get on the calendar.  Newborn sessions book out quickly, so don’t wait!

Elgin Newborn Photographer | sweet cheeks

When you get a beautiful baby with gorgeous cheeks like this, you just squeal!  Those lips, those cheeks, and the perfect amount of chub!  All newborns are different, and I love photographing each an every one of them and capturing the details that make each one unique.

South Elgin Newborn Photography | sweet baby boy

His little half smile was the sweetest thing ever.  Every newborn that I have the honor of photographing in my South Elgin studio is completely different than the next.  That’s why I love my job.  Each day is different.  This little nugget was super easy, and slept through the entire session like a dream.  He gave me smile after smile.  His parents are completely smitten with him!  And, I’m sure you can see why!  I can’t wait to watch him grow over the years.

Check out these photographs of this sweet baby that were taken in my South Elgin, Illinois portrait studio.

chicago baby photography | family of 4

This beautiful family welcomed baby number two into their lives!  Big sister (only 18 months old) was thrilled to share her new baby sister with me!  We had so much fun!  I just love involving siblings in the session.  I like to make sure they feel special as well.  I always try to capture siblings in the safest way possible. Typically a family image is the easiest way to accomplish that, but sometimes I get lucky and can grab a quick sister shot as well!  She laid down for longer than I thought… but, then was on the move!

Geneva baby photographer | twins

I absolutely adore photographing twin newborn babies.  They typically just sleep away, and love being next to each other.  I loved capturing these two!  They loved snuggling into each other and were totally content the entire session.

Each baby is truly unique, and I just love how parents already know which baby is the easier of the two.